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The goal of my customized presentations or in-classroom courses is to empower individuals with the correct knowledge and necessary skills to successfully handle any situation; whether it is business or social. My training and pratical approach in applying etiquette to business will put you ahead of your competitors 90% of the time.

In business, good manners and competent social skills are the differentiating factor in providing quality customer service. All businesses live or die dependent on customer service. Whether you are involved directly or not, if your company is inadequate in taking care of the customer well, it will fail. This means you will soon be looking for another job. Exhibiting good people skills is a major consideration by managers in selecting frontrunners for company leadership roles.


My presentations are designed primarily for college students and recent graduates. They are, however, very helpful for those reentering the work force or reaching new levels within their professional field.

Business Ettiquette Presentation

Below are specific skill sets that you will master through this presentation.

  • Introductions and Dismissals -Your impressions are critical from your first to your last
  • Receiving Lines in Business - A useful tool in expediting functions
  • THINK: Fundraising / Sponsor events / Political functions
  • Body Language and Communications - Are you sending the right message?
  • Dress for Business - Be in command of the situation
  • Table Manners with Finesse - How to eat without embarrassing yourself or others
  • Character and Social Expectations - The essence of you in all your transactions
  • Interview Preparation - The interview begins long before the actual meeting

All presentations are personally customized to meet your specific needs.
Groups are welcome and encouraged.


Fundamentals of Manners Specifically for Young Adults

This course is designed to focus on the manners expected by our society.

  1. Introductions
  2. Dress for Success
  3. Body Language
  4. Communication Skills
  5. General Etiquette
  6. Handling the Social Commitment
  7. Receiving Lines
  8. Table Manners with Finesse

Leadership Course

This course is designed to focus on what it takes to be a leader.

  1. Taking Control of the Situation
  2. Dressing Like a Leader
  3. What Message is your Body Language Giving?
  4. Appropriate Communication Skills
  5. The Values of Life
  6. Social Commitments and the Expectations
  7. Expediting a Functions Purpose
  8. Knowing How to Handle the Dining Scene

Relationships Course

My Relationships Course concentrates on the areas of life that confront and confound us every day and where the rules are not so clear. I call it, “the grey areas of etiquette!” This course is designed to help you manage the complex and vexing situations we sometimes have in our relationships.

  1. Your Self Esteem
  2. Dealing with Specific Difficult Situations
  3. Where Do I Draw the Line?
  4. Relationships
  5. Game of Life
  6. Good Communications
  7. Interview Techniques
  8. Dining Out with Confidence

Dance Classes

My Dance Classes; focuses on the fun aspect of relationships. When you hold someone in your arms and cooperatively move in unison to beautiful music, synergy evolves.

  1. Foxtrot
  2. Waltz
  3. Cha Cha
  4. East Coast Swing - Single Step and Triple Step
  5. Mambo
  6. Merengue
  7. Tango
  8. Rhumba
  9. Salsa, and others


Barbara Hinkel

Manners are the Key to Unlocking The Doors to Life's Opportunities!

"My mission is to help individuals develop self-confidence through appropriate behaviors. Armed with the correct knowledge my students are able to choose the appropriate behavior no matter where or in what situations they find themselves. My graduates understand that good manners are the key to unlocking the doors to life's opportunities."

I have formed my educational philosophy and views based upon four things. They are:

  1. an exceptionally strong British teachers training program
  2. a sound knowledge in etiquette and it's practical every day usage
  3. over 40 years of teaching experience on three continents and
  4. an interaction with over 10,000 students of all nationalities and backgrounds.


My newsletter gives you lots of tips, answers and refreshers on how to handle certain situations. There is always a topic of general interest.


Have a dilemma on your hands?

Do you need a sounding board for your issue?

Is a relationship of yours falling apart?

Have a special function to attend and you are nervous?

I am happy to be there for you.

Just send me a note describing your predicament in detail and I will be happy to respond as soon as I can.

All conversations are strictly confidential.


The primary area of interest is two hours drive or 100 miles


Although a primary area is shown above for practical purposes, I am not limited to it and willing to travel further, including internationally, to meet your needs.

I adapt to your needs within the realms of etiquette, manners, protocol and relationships. My response time to you will depend on the topic and its needed research, occasional productivity problems, numbers of inquiries that I am receiving and my time constraints. I shall do my best to respond to you as soon as I am able.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions or situations that I anticipate someone will be asking for my advice:

My boss often wants me to stay late meaning and only he and I are in the office. I feel uncomfortable.

Sounds like you need my guidance on "WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE"

My employees are causing me to lose customers by being rude.

Sounds like you need me to talk to them about "COMMUNICATIONS"

My secretary keeps wearing low cut tops with lots of cleavage showing. It's very distracting.

Sounds like you need her to listen to my lesson on "DRESS"

When I go out to dinner with my husband he is constantly on his smart phone. I feel totally neglected.

Sounds like help is needed from my presentation on "RELATIONSHIPS"

When out with a group of people I feel so awkward and I don't know what to do with my hands.

Sounds like some comfort might come from my knowledge on "Body Language"

Tell me what you need and I'll tailor make you a product.

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